Thanya Iyer


Thanya Iyer is both a person and a band. Thanya Iyer the person, is 1/3 of Thanya Iyer the band. The other 2/3s are made up of Alex, Dan, and other great friends. Thanya Iyer (the band) has done a lot (released an album, released a mixtape, played at festivals, played in every time zone in North America, etc). Thanya Iyer (the person) has done all this and then some. Thanya Iyer (the person) is a very busy person. Thanya Iyer (the band) is a very busy band and the sound has evolved to reflect this. Thanya Iyer (the band) struggles to define their music (only when asked, they don't think about it the rest of the time) and rather than recite a list of genres and sub-genres, they would rather you just listen and tell them. But for the lazy (or busy) people out there maybe Future-Folk is accurate (or vague) enough? Thanya Iyer (the person and the band) will continue her and their never-ending quest to bring joy to those they come in contact with. Using music, conversation, green tea, and miscellaneous.


Thanya Iyer est une personne autant qu'une entité légale. Thanya Iyer, la personne, compose le tiers de Thanya Iyer l'entité légale (que nous appellerons band à partir de maintenant). Les deux autres tiers sont Alex, Daniel ainsi que d'autres merveilleureux complices. Les délits/délires de Thanya Iyer (le band) sont nombreux (deux albums, plusieurs prestations en festival, des shows dans tous les fuseaux horaires de l'Amérique du Nord, et encore...) Thanya Iyer (la personne) en a fait autant, sinon plus.. C'est une personne très occupée. Une grande personne (parfois). Thanya Iyer (le band) est un band en mouvement et cela s'entend dans l'évolution de leur son. Thanya Iyer (le band) se casse la tête à définir leur son (quand on leur pose la question bien entendu, sinon ils n'y pensent même pas) et plutôt que de dresser une liste exhaustive de genres et de sous-genres ils préfèrent qu'on écoute leur musique et qu'on leur explique à eux le casse-tête de leur propre style. Mais pour les paresseux (ou les Grandes Personnes Parfois) peut-être que folk-futuriste suffira? Thanya Iyer (la personne et le band) continueront à partager le bonheur avec tous ceux et celles qu'ils rencontreront en route; à l'aide de leur musique, de discussions, de thé vert et d'et-cetera…



rest (Topshelf Records)

Album art by Amanda Stormyr

KIND (Topshelf Records)

Album art by Emilie Muszczak

Thanya Iyer on Audiotree Live

Do You Dream? Mixtape (Topshelf Records)

Do you Dream?



Brooklyn, NY

The Owl

With Katie Von Schleicher



Vancouver, BC

The Hargrove

Giving Shapes Album Launch



Seattle, WA

Madame Lou's

Supporting Land of Talk



Portland, OR

Mission Theater

Supporting Land of Talk



San Francisco, CA

Bottom Of The Hill

Supporting Land of Talk



Los Angeles, CA

Lodge Room

Supporting Land of Talk



Toronto, ON

The Great Hall

Supporting Julia Holter



Montreal, QC

Le Belmont

Supporting Julia Holter



Montreal, QC

La Sotterenea

Supporting Kaia Kater



Kingston, ON

Musiikki Cafe

Spring Reverb Fest – With Corey Gulkin and Hanorah



Past Events


2024-04-05 Montreal, QC Le Gésu – Supporting Reverend Kristin Michael Hater

2024-01-21 Fredericton, NB Charlotte Street Arts Centre – Shivering Songs

2024-01-17 Fredericton, NB Wilmot United Church – Shivering Songs Supporting Kevin Drew



2023-12-12 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – With Dead Gowns, H. Pruz, Marontate

2023-12-09 Brooklyn, NY Public Records – Opening for Katie von Schleicher
(album release) + Joe Pera

2023-11-21 Toronto, ON Hugh's Room – C U NEXT TUESDAY Songwriters Circle

2023-10-15 Philadelphia, PA Abyssinia Upstairs

2023-10-14 Voorhees, NJ Tunes

2023-10-13 New Haven, CT Never Ending Books

2023-10-12 Brooklyn, MA Threes brewing

2023-10-11 Hadley, MA Backyard in Hadley

2023-10-10 Providence, RI Red Ink Community Library

2023-10-09 Littleton, NH The Loading Dock

2023-10-08 Portland, ME The Apohadion

2023-10-07 Montreal, QC Error 403

2023-08-20 Shigawake, QC Shigawake Music Festival

2023-06-23 Mayne Island, BC Campbell Bay Music Festival

2023-06-17 Montreal, QC Parc de la Petite Italie

2023-05-19 Montreal, QC Error 403 – With Nicomo and Nennen

2023-04-17 Montreal, QC Ursa – With Bells Larsen

2023-04-16 Guelph, ON Silence Sounds

2023-04-15 Toronto, ON Tranzac

2023-04-14 Buffalo, NY Nietzsche's

2023-04-13 Pittsburgh, PA Mr Roboto Project

2023-04-12 Columbus, OH Spacebar

2023-04-11 Peoria, IL Mt Moon

2023-04-09 Chicago, IL Golden Dagger

2023-04-08 Madison, WI Communication

2023-04-06 Fargo, ND The Aquarium

2023-04-05 Winnipeg, MB Handsome Daughter

2023-04-01 Calgary, AB Inner City Brewing

2023-03-30 Seattle, WA The Vera Project Gallery

2023-03-29 Portland, OR ARIUM

2023-03-26 Boise, ID Treefort Music Festival

2023-03-24 Los Angeles, CA Gold Diggers – POP Montreal LA Showcase
with Gus Englehorn

2023-03-20 Las Cruces, NM With Diatom Deli

2023-03-16 to 18 Austin, TX SXSW

2023-03-14 Dallas, TX The Balcony Club – New New Festival

2023-03-13 Little Rock, AK The Greenhouse

2023-03-10 Chattanooga, TN The Dark Roast

2023-03-09 Louisville, KY Super Fun House Show

2023-03-05 Philadelphia, PA Launderette Records

2023-03-04 Brooklyn, NY Rubulad – Emma Frank & Alexia Avina

2023-03-02 Burlington, VT Radiobean

2023-01-10 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – With Tara Kannangara and Ten Moon



2022-11-01 Montreal, QC l'Idéal Bar

2022-10-26 Montreal, QC Diving Bell Social Club – Opening for NNAMDI

2022-10-20 Montreal, QC Casa del Popolo – Opening for L'Architek Percussion

2022-09-29 Montreal, QC POP Montreal – Le Ministère – Opening for Bibi Club

2022-09-29 Montreal, QC POP Montreal – Jardins Gamelins

2022-08-27 Montreal, QC L'Entrepôt 77 – Rest EP Launch with Ambroise &
Cedric Noel

2022-08-14 Shigawake, QC Shigawake Music Festival

2022-06-22 Montreal, QC La Chapelle – With Warhol Dervish x Beethoven Mystique
Concert Series

2022-06-03 Toronto, ON The Garrison – Wavelength presents: for Ombiigizi
Album Launch

2022-06-02 Montreal, QC Phi Centre – Pop Montreal presents, Tess Roby
Album Launch

2022-04-29 Montreal, QC La Sala Rossa – Blue Skies Turn Black, opening for KAINA

2022-03-11 Montreal, QC Sala Rossa – With Ambroise



2021-12-05 Montreal, QC Sala Rossa – Blue Skies Turn Black – With Advance Base
& fanclubwallet

2021-11-19 Guelph, ON Royal City Mission – Guelph Jazz Autumn Echoes Series –
With Justin Orok

2021-10-02 Everywhere (online) YouTube – Star System Curation x Celestial
Nights – With Like the Mind

2021-09-25 Montreal, QC Entrepot77 – POP Montreal – With Vagina Witchcraft,
Korea Town Acid, Malika Tirolien, All Hands_Make Light

2021-08-14 Montreal, QC POP Montreal x Ursa – With Anjana Srinivasan

2021-08-13 Kiamika, QC Contre-Courant – Opening for Klô Pelgag

2021-07-14 Lanaudiere, QC Camp Musical Père Lindsay

2021-05-05 to 09 Columbia, MO + Everywhere (online) True/False Film festival

2021-04-09 Everywhere (online) Women From Space Festival

2021-02-13 Everywhere (online) Secret Keys Livestream (Les Sympathiques x
Café Resonance x Florafone) – Thanya Iyer Virtual Album Launch



2020-12-13 Everywhere (online) Twitch – The Alternative Streaming Live

2020-10-31 Everywhere (online) Twitch – Moon Glow Fest

2020-10-08 Montreal, QC CISM 89.3 FM

2020-09-25 Montreal, QC Théâtre Rialto – POP Montreal

2020-09-17 Everywhere (online) YouTube – Sounds of Saving

2020-09-20 Everywhere (online) Bandcamp – Livestream party

2020-08-12 Everywhere (online) YouTube – Wednesdays from Home
With Paper Beat Scissor

2020-08-08 Everywhere (online) Improv Fest

2020-07-04 Everywhere (online) Facebook – Resonance livestream series
fundraiser – Alexis Marcelo and Frederico Heliodoro

2020-06-14 Everywhere (online) Facebook – Wavelength music series presents
KIND livestream

2020-05-09 Everywhere (online) Facebook – Canada PerformsWith Tamara
Sandor and Pompey

2020-05-01 Everywhere (online) Twitch – "Friend Oasis" Topshelf Records

2020-04-17 Everywhere (online) YouTube – KIND Visual Album Film Premiere

2020-03-23 Hot springs, AK Valley of the Vapors music festival CANCELLED

2020-03-17 to 21 Austin, TX SXSW music festival CANCELLED

2020-03-15 San Antonio Presa House – With Raavi and the houseplants CANCELLED

2020-03-14 Dallas, TX Top Ten Records – With ManfestiV, DJ Crash,
DeepEllumRadio CANCELLED

2020-03-13 Denton, TX Location Tba CANCELLED

2020-03-11 Tulsa, OK Soundpony – With Knipple CANCELLED

2020-03-09 St Louis, MO Flood Plain – With Motherbear, Julio Prato and Teshua Parker

2020-03-05 to 08 Columbia, MO True/False Film Festival

2020-03-04 Indianapolis, IL State street pub – With EEEKA and Lee Lloyd

2020-03-03 Nashville, TN Growhouse Collective – With Diatom Deli, Namir Blade, Michael His

2020-03-01 Louisville, KY WXOX in studio

2020-02-29 Bloomington, IL Blockhouse Bar – With So it was, patchwork moonlight, songs to follow

2020-02-27 Cincinnati, OH Chessie's Home – With Rae Fischer and Phil Cotter

2020-02-26 Chicago, IL Hungry Brain – With izzy true

2020-02-23 Toronto, ON Anna's House – With Ten moon



2019-12-12 Montreal, QC Casa del popolo – With Syngja, Clara Engel and
Alexis Castrogiovanni

2019-11-16 Brooklyn, NY House show – With Nicomo + Lovers' Almanac

2019-11-15 Philadelphia, PA TRUCK (house show) – With Nicomo + Murayama +
Johnny Petunia

2019-11-14 Washington, DC The Dew Drop Inn DC – With Nicomo + Amy Reid

2019-11-13 Richmond, VA The Foundation (House Show) – With Nicomo +
Righer + Goodnight Daniel

2019-11-12 Durham, NC Arcana – With Nicomo + Dreamroot

2019-11-11 Burnsville, NC Snaggy Mountain Farm – With Nicomo

2019-11-09 Gallatin, TN Earthship – With Nicomo + Banana Tapes

2019-11-08 Cincinnati, OH Chris' House – With Nicomo + Nancy P +
Jennifer Simone

2019-11-07 Chicago, IL Bohemian Grove – With Nicomo + Izzy True + Artificer

2019-11-05 Detroit, MI Spread Art – With Nicomo + Matthew Daher + River Spirit

2019-11-04 Toronto, ON Tranzac Club – Tiki Room – With Nicomo + Ten Moon

2019-11-03 Guelph, ON The Common Cafe – With Nicomo + Ten Moon +
Anna Weibe

2019-11-02 Kingston, ON 12CAT Arts Collective – With Nicomo + Ten Moon

2019-10-22 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – Mardi Spaghetti

2019-10-14 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – Mardi Spaghetti

2019-08-29 Montreal, QC The Diving Bell Social Club – Hot Tramp Festival –
With Cyber, Tamayugé, La Fi èvre

2019-08-25 Vancouver, BC Woodland Patio Series

2019-08-11 Montreal, QC House Show – With Ananda Luna, Youyourself&I

2019-06-26 Montreal, QC La Plante – With Only a Visitor & Sarah Rossy
Chamber Ensemble

2019-06-22 Mayne Island, BC Campbell Bay Music Festival

2019-06-21 Calgary, AB Sled Island Music Festival – McHugh House

2019-06-14 Montreal, QC La Vitrola – Suoni Per il Popolo Festival –
With Janette King, Cyber, Ms. Holmes

2019-05-25 Montreal, QC The Diving Bell Social Club – With Bells Atlas, Slight

2019-05-11 Montreal, QC Hugh's House – With Yum, Why Try

2019-05-05 Kingston, NY BSP Kingston – With And the Kids

2019-05-04 Syracuse, NY Spark Art Space – With And the Kids

2019-05-03 Toronto, ON The Baby G – With And the Kids

2019-05-02 Hamilton, ON This Ain't Hollywood – With And the Kids

2019-04-29 Ottawa, ON Live! on Elgin – With And the Kids

2019-04-28 Montréal, QC Casa Del Popolo – With And the Kids & Corey Gulkin

2019-04-26 Fredericton, NB FLOURISH Festival – With And the Kids

2019-04-25 Bangor, ME BAE – With And the Kids

2019-04-13 Toronto, ON Wavelength Music Series – With I am Robot & Proud,
World News, Precious Jewel

2019-04-12 Guelph, ON Kazoo Fest

2019-04-11 Kingston, ON 12CAT @ The Tavern – With Time Victim

2019-04-03 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – With Typical Sisters + Lune Très Belle

2019-02-23 Montreal, QC Resonance Café – Explorations en Musique
Nouvelle Series – With Sam Shalabi

2019-02-14 to 17 Hamilton, ON New Vision United Church – Hamilton Fringe
Frost Bites Festival – With Lisa Emmons

2019-02-09 Ottawa, ON Origin Arts & Community Center – Megaphono Festival –
With Delorca and Mal/aimé

2019-01-11 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – With No Cosmos and



2018-09-21 Portland, ME Waking Windows

2018-09-20 Northampton, MA Venue TBA

2018-09-19 Brooklyn, NY The Glove

2018-09-17 Toronto, ON Burdock Music Hall

2018-09-15 Guelph, ON Guelph Jazz Festival

2018-09-14 Guelph, ON Guelph Jazz Festival

2018-09-12 Detroit, MI SpreadArt

2018-09-11 Chicago, IL Venue TBA

2018-09-11 Chicago, IL Audiotree Live

2018-09-09 Cincinatti, OH Outdoor Show

2018-09-08 Windsor, ON The Phog Lounge

2018-09-07 Hamilton, ON Into the Abyss – With Haolin Munk

2018-09-06 Wakefield, ON The Blacksheep Inn/Mouton Noir – With Sparklesaurus

2018-08-17 Montreal, QC Love Bubble

2018-08-12 Montreal, QC House Show

2018-08-09 Moncton, NB COCO fest "Clementine Edition"

2018-07-29 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo

2018-07-26 Greenfield, MA Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center

2018-07-19 Montreal, QC La Plante

2018-07-14 Montreal, QC La Plante

2018-07-06 Montreal, QC Resonance Café

2018-07-05 Montreal, QC Quai des Brumes

2018-06-21 Montreal, QC Resonance Café

2018-06-16 Montreal, QC La Sotterenea

2018-05-12 Montreal, QC Resonance Café

2018-05-03 Montreal, QC The Living Womb

2018-04-06 Montreal, QC Bar le Ritz PDB – Opening for Kevin Devine

2018-03-26 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – Opening for Klaus

2018-03-24 Montreal, QC The Plant

2018-03-05 Chicago, IL Happy Gallery

2018-03-01 to 04 Columbia, MO True False Film Festival

2018-02-27 St. Louis, MO FOAM – With Dubb Nubb

2018-02-26 Cincinnati, OH Warsaw room

2018-02-25 Windsor, ON The Phog Lounge

2018-02-24 Montreal, QC The Phi Centre – Opening for Raveen, Look Vibrant

2018-02-23 Ottawa, ON The Record Centre

2018-02-22 Buffalo, NY Mohawk Place

2018-02-21 Rochester, NY The Bug Jar

2018-02-20 Burlington, VT Light Club Lamp Shop – With Ivamae

2018-02-16 Montreal, QC Gender Advocacy Fundraiser House Show

2018-02-01 Montreal, QC La Sala Rossa – Corey Gulkin Album Launch



2017-11-25 Montreal, QC Resonance Café

2017-11-22 Burlington, VT Light Club Lamp Shop

2017-11-21 Rochester, NY

2017-11-20 Pittsburgh, PA Welcome bak Studios

2017-11-18 Cincinnati, OH Listing Loon

2017-11-17 St. Louis, MO Foam – With Dubb Nubb

2017-11-16 Columbia, MO Café Berlin

2017-11-08 San Diego, CA Soda Bar – With Hovvdy, Holling & Boxx Office

2017-11-07 Los Angeles, CA

2017-11-06 San Francisco, CA Sofar Sounds

2017-11-05 Sacramento, CA Colonial Café

2017-11-02 Portland, OR

2017-11-01 Eugene, WA Sam Bond's Garage – Opening for Adam Hill

2017-10-31 Seattle, WA

2017-10-29 Vancouver, BC Gold Saucer

2017-10-28 Kelowna, BC

2017-10-15 to 2017-11-28 Banff, AB Banff Center for the Arts Residency

2017-10-12 Calgary, AB Festival Hall – Calgary Folk Festival –
Opening for The Moulettes

2017-10-10 Winnipeg, MB Good Will Social Club – Winnipeg Jazz Festival –
Thelonious monk Tribute Concert

2017-10-07 Chicago, IL Hungry Brain – With Half Gringa, Ze'ev & Ohmme

2017-10-06 Ann Arbor, MI Canterbury House, University of Michigan –
With David Ward's Cool Socks

2017-10-05 Detroit, MI Spread Art – With Matthew Daher & Lexi

2017-10-04 Sault Ste-Marie, ON Gore Street Café

2017-10-03 Windsor, ON The Phog Lounge

2017-10-02 Toronto, ON Burdock – With Merival & Omhouse

2017-09-30 Hamilton, ON HAVN, local arts collective – With Annie Shaw &
Sarah Good

2017-09-29 Ottawa, ON Bar Robo – Organized by local arts collective Debaser –
With Sparklesaurus & Novusolis

2017-09-28 Montreal, QC CJLO Fall Folk Fest: Nomad Live, 9:30 PM

2017-09-19 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – With Deqn Sue + Krystale

2017-09-14 Montreal, QC POP Montreal: Quai Des Brumes, 9:30 PM –
With Magnolian, Max Comeau & The Rising Few

2017-09-13 Montreal, QC Blanc de Blanc, 7 PM – With MAWMZ + Eric Seguin

2017-07-17 to 20 Shigawake, QC COCO FEST – Shigawake Music Festival

2017-07-12 Moncton, NB COCO FEST – With SHYRE & Kyle Hutchines

2017-07-12 Fredericton, NB Reads Café – With Jane Blanchard & Will Pacey

2017-07-10 NYC, NY Trans-Pecos – With Wizard Apprentice, Real Clothes & ShaRa

2017-07-09 Baltimore, MD The Bun Shop – With Envy the Animals & Sugar Glass

2017-07-08 Montreal, QC The Plant – With DF and Gnomedad

2017-07-07 Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Necktie – With Gobbie Ghoul,
Randy Scott Carroll & Weekend Athlete

2017-07-06 Woodstock, NY Paul's House

2017-07-06 Montreal, QC Voskins

2017-06-29 Montreal, QC Resonance Café, 6 PM – With Dan Misha Goldman

2017-06-27 Toronto, ON D-Beatstro – With Tip-Toes

2017-06-25 Detroit, MI Light Box

2017-06-24 Chicago, Il

2017-06-23 Cincinatti, OH The Listing Loon – With the crew: Blossom Hall, Xoh,
Jennifer Simone

2017-06-22 Columbus, OH Apt show @ Cameron's House!! – With Hello Emerson

2017-06-20 Philadelphia, PA The Pharmacy – With Eliza Edens & Lawn Talk

2017-06-19 New York, NY Rockwood Music Hall

2017-06-18 Ridgewood, NY Trans-Pecos – With Common Holly, Small Wonder &
Thanks for coming

2017-06-16 Allston, MA House show – With Katsu & Ploy

2017-06-15 Boston, MA Neuroscience & Music Conference

2017-06-14 Portland, ME Local Sprouts

2017-06-10 Montreal, QC Brasserie Beaubien – With Future States, Manners &
Betty & Veronica

2017-06-09 Montreal, QC The Plant – With livestalk,lucashuang,sayton

2017-05-29 Montreal, QC Resonance Café – With Renée Yoxon Quartet

2017-05-10 Montreal, QC Resonance Café – With Nomad

2017-05-03 Montreal, QC Bar Le Ritz PDB – Blue Skies Turn Black : Sara-Danielle
Lancement d'album

2017-04-29 Montreal, QC La Plante – Bouteloua présente : Une soirée pour
Chez Doris

2017-04-08 Montreal, QC La plante – With Rakam, Sparklesaurus, Thanya Iyer,
Matty Parker at La Plante

2017-03-06 Cincinnati, OH The Comet – With Ofir and Loathing and Shadow band

2017-03-02 to 05 Columbia, MO True/False Film Festival

2017-02-28 Asheville, NC Isis Music Hall

2017-02-26 Cincinnati, OH Dada House

2017-02-25 Baltimore, MD The Bun Shop

2017-02-24 Brooklyn, NY Moose Lab

2017-02-23 Manhattan, NY Rockwood Music Hall

2017-02-21 Brooklyn, NY Muchmore's – Desert Foxx EP Release show
With Drama Section

2017-02-19 Montpellier, VT Buch Spieler Records – With Johnny Morris

2017-02-18 Burlington, VT Light Club Lamp Shop – With Lina Tullgren &
Bethlehem Steel



2016-12-10 Montreal, QC Brasserie Beaubien – With Snooker Emporium & Loon

2016-11-02 Montreal, QC The Living Womb – With Anna Atkinson

2016-10-22 Chicoutimi, QC Bar à Pitons – With Marianne Poirier

2016-10-21 Quebec, QC House Show TBA – With Marianne Poirier

2016-10-18 Montreal, QC Divan Orange – With Own Eerie & Sunburn freezerburn

2016-10-14 Montreal, QC La Plante – With Jack, Bethlehem Steel, Common Holly

2016-09-30 Montreal, QC Reggies Bar – CJLO Fundraiser show – With The Frisky
Kids & Nice Jacket

2016-09-22 Montreal, QC Le cagibi – POP Montreal

2016-09-03 Montreal, QC Resonance – ALBUM LAUNCH!

2016-08-27 Trois-Rivières, QC Zénob – With Cosmophone

2016-08-11 to 14 Shigawake, QC Shigawake Music Festival & Agricultural Fair

2016-08-07 Moncton, N-B Coco's House

2016-08-05 Fredericton, N-B Same as Forever – With Sparrow

2016-08-04 Halifax, N-E The Centre – With Shadow

2016-08-02 Quebec, QC Le Knockout – With Marianne Poirier

2016-07-30 Toronto, ON Burdock – With Julie Arsenault and Merival

2016-07-29 Hamilton, ON HAVN – With Haolin Munk

2016-07-28 Kitchener, ON The Boathouse

2016-07-27 Guelph, ON The Cornerstone – With Bronwen Olson

2016-07-26 Peterborough, ON The Garnet – With Still looking!

2016-07-25 Ottawa, ON The Record Centre – With Lucila al Mar

2016-07-23 Montreal, QC Cagibi – With Cosmophone and Helena Deland

2016-07-20 Montreal, QC Bar le Ritz PDB – Concert bénéfice pour "Mavericks and
the Monokini; PLAY BALL!"

2016-07-18 Montreal, QC Divan Orange

2016-07-16 Montreal, QC Ateliers Jean Brillant – Samedis St Henri

2016-07-14 Montreal, QC Blanc de Blanc – Kickdrum Backyard Sessions

2016-07-10 Montreal, QC Marche des Possibles

2016-06-23 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo

2016-05-25 Montreal, QC Blanc de Blanc – Kickdrum Backyard Sessions

2016-04-11 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo – Opening for Michelle Willis

2016-03-18 Montreal, QC Resonance Cafe – With the Bombadils

2016-01-16 Montreal, QC Kahwa Café – With Common Holy (Brigitte Nagar) and
N0rth KickDrum Winter Marathon

2016-01-09 Montreal, QC Cagibi – With Ada Lea (a.k.a Ali Levy)



2015-09-17 Montreal, QC Cagibi – Pop Montreal

2015-09-16 Montreal, QC Vanier College – Princess Project

2015-09-06 Montreal, QC Princess Project – Festival Les Escales Improbables
de MTL

2015-08-27 Montreal, QC Coop Le Milieu – Princess Project

2015-08-13 to 16 Gaspesie, QC Shigawake Music Fair

2015-08-02 Montreal, QC Jazz in the Parc

2015-07-17 Montreal, QC O Patro Vys – Opening Act for Reuben War

2015-07-08 Montreal, QC Divan Orange – With Sweet Roger & Jesse Speed

2015-06-26 Montreal, QC Resonance

2015-06-24 Toronto, ON Holy Oak – With Emily Rockarts

2015-06-22 Stratford, QC Montforte

2015-06-21 Toronto, ON House Show @ Fiddy Ceen – With Merival

2015-06-20 Hamilton, ON Homegrown Hamilton

2015-06-20 Peterborough, ON Gallery in the Attic

2015-06-19 Ottawa, ON Pressed – With Claude Munson

2015-06-18 Montreal, QC Campagnons de Montreal Vernissage (18, rue Beaubien)



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1.What can we grow that we can't see from here?

Live from PHI NORD

2.Webbed Feet Radio Live Session

Webbed Feet Radio

3.KIND (visual album)

Directed by Bucky Illingworth, animated by Elysha Poirier & Sophie Grouev

4.Official Music Video for "Daydreaming"

By Bucky Illingworth & Elysha Poirier

5.Please don't hold me hostage for who I am (for who I was)
     (True/False Music Presents: Cellar Attic Live)

6.I woke up (in the water) (Thrdcoast Blue Room)

7.Daydreaming (Live at Redpath Hall)

8.Painting (Live at Redpath Hall)



[KIND] may only be her second album, but Iyer's patience, thoughtfulness, and commitment to communal growth stands out. 7.6/10

— Nina Corcoran, Pitchfork


Thanya Iyer explores new worlds on the remarkable KIND

— Alex Robert Ross, FADER (Premiere)


With KIND, it's hard to separate the psych, ambient, electro-pop, soul and jazz elements from one another, but that's part of its appeal. Time signatures are fluid, and electronic and classical instruments exist in harmony. Much like the lyrics, the music deliberately defies categorization, and that defiance reflects a humanity that is deeply nuanced, collectivistic and forward-thinking. 8.4/10

— Lizzie Manno, Paste


Every single sound is arranged just so... All of it creating a type of sure, slow, steady movement, a fusion of indie, ambient, and soft jazz music that twinkles and tiptoes toward an uncertain destination, an expedition focused on reflection and growth.

— Jordan Walsh, The Alternative, on KIND


Fresh and inquisitive, it's a musical collage that reflects deeply and extensively on the things that make it hard to be human...This journey plays out musically (and visually, thanks to a 20-minute mini-movie accompanying the album) in a way that's full of sonic abstraction and dazzling clarity. 8/10

— Adam Feibel, Exclaim


This standout stunning record will captivate you. It will take hold of every emotion you own and you will be left in a state of astoundment...Fall into the lyrical lull and this record will elevate you to another level. Intricate, wistful, observant and beautiful.

Circuit Sweet, on KIND


...a lovely set of expansive, exploratory, earthy pop that's characterized by spacious jazz and ethereal folk tendencies as well as a subtle experimental and improvisatory streak.



It's a masterclass in detail.

— Lizzie Manno, Paste Magazine


[E]xperimental art pop, improvisational jazz, orchestral indie rock all mesh with Iyer's intimate vocals to create a compelling listen. 8.5/10

— Erik Leijon, Cult MTL


[…] there's an unshakable beauty here — a sense of weightlessness provided in airy instrumentals and that can only come with the power of recognition.

The Grey Estates on "Always, Be Together"


Iyer's gentle vocals nurture a listener's core down to their bones.

— Janette, Girl Underground Music on
"Please Don't Hold Me Hostage for Who I Am, for Who I Was"


Refreshing and whimsical, "Please Don't Hold Me Hostage for Who I Am, Who I Was" opens a festival of worldly sounds, complete with folksy flutes and acoustic percussion. Thanya Iyer's voice sounds at once youthful and wise as she cheerfully delivers a straightforward message: You control your own life, you can choose to heal.

— Karyna Micaela, The Wild Honey Pie


...just brimming with ideas and shifts in instrumentation. While the Montreal-based violinist and songwriter lends a gentle touch at every turn, KIND feels completely unbound to genre or expectation.



Iyer — whose eponymous project also includes Alexander Kasirer-Smibert and Daniel Gélinsas — writes songs that flow seamlessly across textures and styles, never staying in one place too long. Across the Montreal-based group's Do You Dream? mixtape, moments of gauzy dream- pop gradually succumb to ambient experimentation, which cycles into jazz- inflected folk ... like sunlight filtered through a canopy of leaves; gentle percussion sneaks in to gently drive the song forward before it ends in atmospheric entropy.

— Marissa Lorusso, NPR All Songs Considered


Ever-changing throughout, the new mixtape is a gloriously skewed beast, the tempo and tone leaping between vivid moments of sparkling pop junctures, all simmering vocals and gently lapping instrumentals, and then disappearing in to a void of white-noise and experimentation, before the clouds clear once again, just long enough to feel warmth emanating through.

— Tom Johnson, Goldflakepaint


Expérimentation folle et zigzag entre nombreux styles, Do You Dream? témoigne d'une maturité singulière et captivante… Car c'est ce que nous offrent les fils tissés entre les rêves de Thanya Iyer et nous, des morceaux de prodigalité.

— Marie-Pier Frappier, Le Devoir


"Iyer is that atmospheric indie sound I associate with Wes Anderson films: dreamy, evocative of a life I never had with lacy dresses and summer bows and punting on the river at Oxford University. I was transported to a wonderful, imagery-rich world. She had a great sense of play and wonder. What a magical band!

— Rachel Levine, Montreal Rampage


Iyer gives us a soundtrack for our subconscious. A complex labyrinth of sounds that morphs to the uniqueness of an individual's mind.

— Laura Stanley, Grayowl Point


Thanya Iyer certainly struck musical gold during their year of experimentation. The result is a prolonged, blissful slumber, and comes about about as close as you'll get to experiencing dream-like sensations while fully awake.Do You Dream?'s idyllic, experimental folk songs will make you a dreamer and believer.

— Jim Di Gioia, Dominionated


Layering glitchy electronic melodies over Iyer's radiant voice, paired with synthy-experimental noises, it was clear that the band won't stop evolving after the LP.

— Ocean DeRouchie, The LINK newspaper




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3.Shaina Hayes

4.No Cosmos

5.Experimental Kindness

6.Waahli – Black Soap – Intent

7.Sea Moya – Blown



10.Princess Project

11.Old Time Honey

12.Shlomo & Julie


14.Nick Di Giovanni Quartet

15.Mcgill Beck Project